Look – Easter Bunny.

I decided to do a last minute easter bunny look last night. I recorded it in about an hour, but the editing part took me all night long and even this morning I was still struggling with it. For some reason my computer messed up the files so I had to re-edit them over and over and over….

But finally it worked out so here it is: My simple but super cute (half) easter bunny look! On my IG I will add some other shots of the look aswell :) Enjoy <3

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Urban Decay – After Dark Palette.

Simply said, I am a sucker for packaging, and actually a sucker for anything Urban Decay comes out with. When I was in New York a few weeks ago, on my first day being there (about 3 hours after getting of off the plane), I already ran into the nearest Sephora to throw this bad boy into my shopping basket. Curious to see what I think of it so far? Please keep on reading ;)

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Look – No Foundation.

De laatste tijd heb ik wel eens net wat langer dan een half uurtje de tijd voor dat ik naar mijn werk moet. Dat is het moment dat ik of wel, of net niet zin heb om een look te maken ;) Deze look is alweer van een week of 2 geleden, op maandag ochtend ff gauw in elkaar geflanst met een aantal favoriete makeup items, en geen wenkbrauwproducten, foundation of concealer. Just naked skin and a good eye look!

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