Urban Decay – After Dark Palette.

Simply said, I am a sucker for packaging, and actually a sucker for anything Urban Decay comes out with. When I was in New York a few weeks ago, on my first day being there (about 3 hours after getting of off the plane), I already ran into the nearest Sephora to throw this bad boy into my shopping basket. Curious to see what I think of it so far? Please keep on reading ;)

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Canvas – I Want To Travel The World.

So just before me and Roy went on our 2 week holiday to the US, a HUGE package was delivered at night time the day before. It contained this awesome canvas I had made from pixers.nl and I just couldn’t wait and took our clock from the wall and hung this canvas in it’s place. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post this article any sooner, but I really had to go and catch my plane, haha!

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Multi Masking With VICHY!

A little while ago I got sent a package with some mask samples by Vichy Laboratories. I did got sent a second one because the first one was totally distroyed by our postoffice/mailman…. I really don’t know what happened but it was an utter mess when it got shoved through my mailbox. Thankfully the second one arrived perfectly so last week I was finally able to try out these awesome masks!

Curious to see what my findings are, please continue reading ;)

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