Nails – My NYC Trip Mani – White & Gold Glitter Gradient.

Since we went on our almost 2 week long holiday to the USA, I had to make sure my mani lasted as long as possible. So I chose to do a simple glitter gradient design on top of a white polish. Pretty, classic but always easy to match with your daily looks.

I do have to say that on top of this mani, I added a gel topcoat which I had to nuke in a led lamp. This would make it last a lot longer… at leas that was what I hoped. After a day or 3 it already started chipping for some reason! With normal polish and just a simple Catrice topcoat my mani lasts me at least a full week without chipping or tipwear. So that kinda sucked!

Eventhough it didn’t last me as long as I had hoped for, it still looks really pretty ;)

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Nails – Kawaii!

I love cute nails! I really┬álove them when there are way too much glitters, pearls and rhinestones attached…

I simply painted my nails in a cute pink OPI colour (from the hello kitty collection) and glued on a lot of stones with nail glue. I do have to say that you have to be careful when applying these with nail glue on natural nails and especially around the skin and cuticle! And don’t add a regular topcoat on top of the stones, they get really dulled by it and all the pretty sparkly shine will be ruined. Tip of the day ;)

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Nails – Snowflake Xmas Nails.

Het is kerst, dus sowieso iedereen een super merry xmas gewenst! Het leek me leuk om last minute nog even een feestelijke mani te delen welke ik zelf ook tijdens deze feestdagen rock. Mijn nagel heb ik toevallig een dag geleden ingekort, beide middelvinger nagels waren helaas korter gebroken door het werk, dus het werd tijd voor een opfris knip en vijl beurt!

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