Nails – My NYC Trip Mani – White & Gold Glitter Gradient.

Since we went on our almost 2 week long holiday to the USA, I had to make sure my mani lasted as long as possible. So I chose to do a simple glitter gradient design on top of a white polish. Pretty, classic but always easy to match with your daily looks.

I do have to say that on top of this mani, I added a gel topcoat which I had to nuke in a led lamp. This would make it last a lot longer… at leas that was what I hoped. After a day or 3 it already started chipping for some reason! With normal polish and just a simple Catrice topcoat my mani lasts me at least a full week without chipping or tipwear. So that kinda sucked!

Eventhough it didn’t last me as long as I had hoped for, it still looks really pretty ;)

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Nails – Unicorn Puke.

DSC_4154 notd

Ondanks dat ik in de tussentijd alweer 2 of 3 andere mani’s heb gehad, wilde ik toch nog even deze nail art delen welke ik zo’n hele 9 dagen gerockt heb :D Kekke glitters die een sheer en duochrome effect geven op een witte basis deed me gewoon denken aan unicorn puke (of in ieder geval iets unicorn gerelateerds….)

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